With every product and service we offer, we work by our creed: Make the change you want to see. To view the products and services we offer the public, click the corresponding link above. If you are a government or private entity, please contact us directly using the contact information provided in the footer.

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Featured Products

3D Printed Lamps

LCD Mascot Eyes




Featured Software

QuickFAR Mobile App

Slack to Spiceworks Hook

Choice Words Mobile Game



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Multiple Platforms

Our software is developed to work on multiple platforms in almost all cases. These can include Windows, Linux, Unix, Java and C-based platforms, just to name a few!

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Employment is a vital part of everyone's life. It ensures an honest day's pay for an honest day's work and that is one of the things we like to remember here at Recursive Dynamics.

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Made in America!

Everything made here at Recursive Dynamics is made in-house. As such, everything we make is considered to be American-made.